Vocals For Rick Springfield Record

I was really excited yesterday to record vocals for the chorus of a Rick Springfield song. I know it’s a cheesy little contest that anyone can enter, but I’ve been a fan of his for 30 years and having a little part on a record of his is totally cool in my book! Now we’ll see if I’ll even be able to hear myself anywhere on it when it comes out. Either way, good times! Here’s a link to my submitted video…

Shotgun Betty’s First Single Released

sgbanothersingleSteel Toe Mafia is proud to be part of the much anticipated first single from Shotgun Betty released for purchase and stream today. Currently available exclusively through Reverb Nation, ‘Another Night In Hell’ is the first track on the upcoming debut album titled Flat Black Shine.

‘Boom Boom Yeah!’ Single Released

boomboomyeah-single011One of the more upbeat, hip-rock tunes off of Todd Hayden’s album, ‘Boom Boom Yeah!’ was released for free streaming today.

‘This song throws in a mix of where I was, where I am, and where I want to be in my life within the lyrics.’ Says Todd ‘It’s a rockin’, groovy, hip kind of song. If you don’t tap your foot or sing along you are most likely dead.’

‘Boom Boom Yeah!’, along with all the other tracks off of ‘The One Thing’ are available at most online music retailers. A current list is available at http://www.toddhayden.com or by Googling ‘Todd Hayden.’

‘Liar’ Single Released

liar-single01-2The latest track ‘Liar’ was released today by Todd Hayden. The fourth track off his solo debut ‘The One Thing.’ ‘This track is about a woman who is totally classy in public and probably wouldn’t give me the time of day, but a total freak in the bedroom when no one is looking. Acting all innocent in public when all along loving what I’m telling her. It’s just a great sexy track.’ Says Todd.

Digital purchases of each song or entire CD available at most online music retailers.

‘Rehab’ Single Released

rehab-single01Trouble getting over that person in your life who broke your heart? Well, according to the latest release by Todd Hayden this week, all you might need is a little Rehab!

‘Heartbreak in relationships happens everyday.’ Says Todd. ‘But with all of the social networks and technology we use on a daily basis, obtaining a clean break is sometimes harder than we hope.’

‘That Tattoo’ Single Released

that-tattoo-single01 The first single from the album “The One Thing” was released today, titled “That Tattoo”. This track is also slated to be the first video with Todd Hayden featured as a solo artist.

Filming continues through this weekend and should be released on July 20th. Keep it posted here!

‘Understand’ Single Released

understand-single011Although “That Tattoo” is the first single and video to be released of off the upcoming album titled “The One Thing”, the song “Understand” was released today in memory and dedication to a former classmate and friend who was fatally injured last weekend.
“Understand” was not written to be a sad song about someones passing. It’s original message was about trying not to hurt the important people in your life while trying to achieve your own goals… hoping they will understand. The words however, gave a totally different meaning on Monday after hearing about the loss of a friend.
I am so glad that everyone is so supportive of this song! Thank you to all who have given it a listen and maybe shed a tear or two over its multiple meanings!